One on One Consulting

This is where we figure out, with you, what your ideal life would be if there weren't any barriers and what goals need to be achieved to reach this ideal life. We do a complete life analysis to hone in definitively on the areas where you're doing well and the areas you would like to improve. This gives a scientific, unbiased analysis of your life and is completely based on objectivity from a 200 question questionnaire - so there is no subjectivity to the analysis.

The Training

These training courses give you the tools to overcome the barriers in life. There are two aspects to each course of training. The first is Theory, this is where you study the tools to overcome the barriers of life. The Practical aspect comes next, and this is where you learn to apply the tools you learned in Theory. You drill these tools until you're expert in the application of the tools to improve your life. Your Consultant will determine which courses you need based on your problem areas and the questionnaire.



Basic Study Manual

Teaches the student basic information and skills on how to learn and how to apply what he has studied in life. This practical knowledge on how to study can be used by adults, college or high school students, teachers, parents and trainers in industry.


How to Get Along With Others

In any workplace, excellent communication and relations among employees are key; it is the oil that lubricates the workings and allows for coordination. Without excellent communication, difficulties arise and production slows. This course teaches the basics of human relations.


Handling the Ups and Downs in Life

Personal problems, whether personal or work-related, can take their toll on one’s performance at work. This course addresses the influences in a person’s life which cause him to go up and down in life and become a source of trouble to himself and others.

Personal Values and Integrity

Compromising one’s personal integrity because of social and economic pressure leads to failure and loss. This course addresses the basics of honesty and personal integrity not just in the world of work, but in all of life as well.

Improving Life Through Communication

The inability to communicate can destroy a career or relationship.  The greater a person’s ability to communicate, the greater his potential for success. The ability to professionally handle communication plays no small role in the demonstration of competence. The ability to communicate can be learned and developed. This course teaches the student to communicate without tension or nervousness, to get ideas across clearly and distinctly and to guide and control communication in life or any situation. It includes a series of eighteen practical drills on the fundamentals of successful communication.


How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior

Provides tools to help the student understand people and their behavior and to help predict what they are likely to do on the job or off. It teaches how to observe, evaluate and predict human behavior.


How to Effectively Handle Work

Addresses the day-to-day problems of work. Such as how to handle ones job, how to keep a job, and how to maintain productivity and efficiency and how to handle confusions in the workplace. It also shows how to resolve the most common problems encountered in the workplace including stress, exhaustion, and burnout.


Ethics for Life Survival

Surviving in the world can often be a challenge. Although some view life as a dog-eat-dog world, one of the more challenging aspects is the recurring necessity to decide what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. These are often complex and difficult decisions. The subject of ethics encompasses this aspect of life. This course shows the negative consequences of unethical behavior in life, what ethics really are, how to apply ethics on a day-to-day basis, and how to improve life through the use of ethics.


Formulas for Business Success

Teaches the exact operating states or conditions of any business or organizational activity and the steps to take based on the operating state or condition to improve the business or organizational activity.

Management by Statistics

This course teaches how to use statistics and graphs to show how much any business or organizational area is producing. It also shows how to use statistics to analyze the operations of an organization and how to use statistics for management decision making.

Prerequisite: Formulas for Business Success Course


Executive Basics

Teaches the fundamentals of holding a position of managerial or administrative responsibility in an organization. It covers the topics of management functions, leadership and the duties and skills of an executive.

Prerequisite: Formulas for Business Success


Effective Leadership

An effective leader is valuable in our society. The importance of leadership cannot be downplayed. This course identifies the elements of effective leadership and how to achieve them.

Prerequisite: None (Executive Basics recommended)


Basic Organization

Teaches the primary functions of any organization, the basic laws of organization and administration, and how to design and set up an organization so that it runs effectively.

Prerequisite: Formulas for Business Success Course, Management by Statistics Course


How to Make Planning Become an Actuality

Planning is working out how one is going to accomplish set objectives. A properly written plan is a road map to success. This course teaches the student workable techniques for formulating plans and programs. It teaches how to get programs carried out and moving to achieve business or organizational goals and objectives. The elements of successful plans and programs are defined and taught.

Prerequisite: None


How to Get Things Done

An executive or an administrator must be able to get things done through others. Getting compliance with administrative actions or orders can be frustrating due to the barriers and procrastination of others. The course contains 22 practical drills that teach the student how to get others to get things done and how to get compliance.

Prerequisite: Improving Life Through Communication Course


How to Increase Efficiency

Teaches the student how to recognize and handle areas of inefficiency which waste man-hours and income. It also addresses areas of written communication, interoffice communication systems, delegation skills, and other ways to increase efficiency.

Prerequisite: None


How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning

Covers how to manage financial resources to increase cash flow and solvency, build reserves, and correctly allocate financial resources for increased organizational production.

Prerequisite: Formulas for Business Success


How to Write Effective Company Policy

Teaches the importance of establishing policy, how to write and issue organizational policy, how and when to implement policy and how policy can be used to expand an organization.

Prerequisite: None


Marketing and Public Relations Surveys

Surveys are the tools by which one finds out what customers and potential customers think and feel. Surveys give the information that is vital to effective marketing, promotion and public relations activities and campaigns. This course teaches the basics of how to use surveys for marketing and public relations.

Prerequisite: How to Get Along With Others Course or How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Course


Public Relations

Good public relations are vital to the expansion of any business or organization. This course teaches the basics duties and purposes of the public relations professional, the elements of public relations and the basic tools of public relations.

Prerequisite: How to Get Along With Others Course or How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Course



Marketing is an important function in any business. This course teaches the basic elements and tools of marketing and how to plan marketing strategy and devise marketing and promotional campaigns.

Prerequisites: Marketing and Public Relations Surveys Course and Public Relations Course


How to Create Want for Your Products Through Effective Sales Techniques

Effective salesmanship can be learned. This course teaches the fundamentals of personal selling and includes many practical drills on the various elements of personal selling and sales situations.

Prerequisites: Improving Business Through Communication (Public Relations Course and Marketing